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Directories are added to this page based on recommendations from ISHS members. Directories under development are listed, but are not currently accessible. If you have a specific type of directory that you would like to see on the ISHS website, please contact the ISHS Executive Secretary at

Humor Resources

Humor Research

ISHS Members' Sites

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Directories, Archives, and Special Collections

Directories to Humor Resources

Cartoon Archives & Directories Online

Cartoon Museums & Library Collections

Special Cartoon Exhibits Online

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Humor People


Cartoonist Sites and Associations

Pulizer Prize Winning Cartoonists

Film Performers, Directors, & Writers

Screen Comedians, 1920-30s

Screen Comedians, 1940-50s

Screen Comedians, 1960-70s

Screen Comedians, 1980-90s

Film Directors of Comedy
Screenwriters (under construction)

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Humor Media

Television Comedy, 1950-80's

TV Comedy–1950s, All
TV Comedy–1960s, A-G
TV Comedy–1960s, H-Z

TV Comedy–1970s, A-G
TV Comedy–1970s, H-Q
TV Comedy–1970s, R-Z

TV Comedy–1980s, A-C

TV Comedy–1980s, D-G

TV Comedy–1980s, H-M

TV Comedy–1980s, N-R
TV Comedy–1980s, S-Z

Television Comedy, 1990's-2000's
TV Comedy–1990s, A-B
TV Comedy–1990s, C-E

TV Comedy–1990s, F-H

TV Comedy–1990s, I-L
TV Comedy–1990s, M-O
TV Comedy–1990s, P-R
TV Comedy–1990s, S-T
TV Comedy–1990s, U-Z
TV Comedy–2000s, A-B
TV Comedy–2000s, C-E
TV Comedy–2000s, F-H
TV Comedy–2000s, I-L

TV Comedy–2000s, M-N
TV Comedy–2000s, O-R
TV Comedy–2000s, S

TV Comedy–2000s, T-Z

Print (Comic Books and Magazines)

Comic Strips and Comic Books (under construction)

Magazines and Newspapers

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