The Antioch Sense of Humor Inventory (ASHI--Part I)
Harvey Mindess, Carolyn Miller, Joy Turek, Amanda Bender, and Suzanne Corbin
Joke/Cartoon Test (Appreciation)
The Antioch Sense of Humor Inventory has two parts: one for humor appreciation and one for humor creation. Part I presents 50 cartoons and jokes, five from each of 10 humor categories. Respondents rate their enjoyment of each joke on a five point scale from 5 (very much) to 1 (not at all). Sums are computed for (1) the five item ratings in each humor category and (2) all 50 items overall. The eleven sums are are scored as extremely low, low, average, high, extremely high in comparison to the authors' original sample. Scores for each humor category are then related to different personality traits.
Number of Items
50 items (42 jokes and 8 cartoons)
Measures appreciation for 10 humor types: Nonsense, Philosophical, Social, Philosophical, Sexual, Hostile, Ethnic, Sick, Scatological, and Male-Demeaning, and Female-Demeaning humor.
Adults and adolescents
Assessment of humor preferences as they relate to personality characteristics
30 minutes
& Validity
Original scoring for the ASHI was based on a sample of 241 participants (156 women and 85 men). Split-half reliability was .82 and test-retest reliability was .88. The authors report significant, but not high correlations between AHSI scores and personality dimensions on the 16 PF.
Originally published by Avon Books, 1790 Broadway, New York, New York 10019 (ISBN #0-380-89620-6). Currently out of print, but available through online retailers.
Reference Article
Mindess, H., Miller, C., Turek, J., Bender, A., & Corbin, S. (1985). The Antioch humor test: Making sense of      Humor. New York: Avon Books.
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