3 Witz-Dimensionen Humor Test (3WD)
Willibald Ruch
Humor Appreciation Test
Three versions of the 3WD Humor Test exist: Forms A, B, and K. Forms A and B each contain 35 jokes and cartoons, and Form K contains 50 jokes and cartoons. For each version, participants rate the items for Funniness and Aversiveness on seven-point scales from 0 to 6. The jokes and cartoons are presented in booklet form with two to three items per page. Responses are provided on a separate rating sheet that contains instructions and the two types of rating scales.
Number of Items
Form A and B contain 35 items each. The first five items of each test are used for “warming up.” Form K contains 50 jokes and cartoons selected from forms A and B.
Each form of the 3WD provides overall scores for funniness and aversiveness as well as for two types of humor based on structure (Incongruity-Resolution and Nonsense) and one type of humor based on content (Sexual Humor).
Adults and adolescents
Assessment of humor preferences as they relate to other personality characteristics.
30 minutes
The international version of the 3WD can be requested from the author at w.ruch@psychologie.unizh.ch.
Reliability Information
Reliabilities of the three forms of the 3WD are indicated by internal consistency measures from .67 to .93 (most above .80); parallel form measures from .67 to .93 (median = .86) and test-retest measures from .54 to .85 (median = .73).
Reference Article
Ruch, W. (1992). Assessment of appreciation of humor: Studies with the 3WD humor test. In C. D.       Spielberger & J. N. Butcher (Eds.), Advances in Personality Assessment (Vol. 9, pp. 27-75). Hillsdale, NJ:       Erlbaum.
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