Sense of Humor Questionnaire 6 (SHQ-6 Revised 2015)
Sven Svebak
Self-report scale
The SHQ-6 Revised consists of 6 statements and questions designed to measure sense of humor. Individuals select one of four responses along a four point scale to indicate an answer to a question or agreement with a statement. Responses to each item are scored from 1 to 4 and summed for an overall Sense of Humor score. The SHQ-6 Revised is a revision of the SHQ-6 which, in turn, was a revision of the SHQ, which assessed three separate dimensions of the sense of humor by 21 items. The SHQ-6 Revised contains two items to measure each of three dimensions (cognitive, social, and affective).
Number of Items
6 items
Provides an overall Sense of Humor score and subscores for two cognitive, two social, and two affective items.
Adults and adolescents over 15 years of age
Useful in correlational research for investigating relationships between sense of humor and other personality dimensions as well as measures of psychological and physical health and well-being.
5 minutes

The SHQ-6 Revised is available on the ISHS website and can be used free by students and academic staff in noncommercial research only. Inquiries should be directed to the author at


& Validity

The SHQ-6 has good internal consistency with alpha = .85. Scores on the SHQ-6 correlate positively with scores on other measures of sense of humor that reflect affiliative/self-enhancing styles of humor (rs about .50) rather than hostile/self-defeating style (rs about .15). SHQ-6 scores tend to be inversely related with scores on measures of depression and anxiety.
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