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Genres and Types

Humorous Names Paradox  Poetry  Satire 

Disciplinary Approaches

Anthropology Linguistics Religion Sociology
Ethnic Studies Psychology (Pre-2006) Music and Dance Theater
Foreign Language Psychology (Post-2006) Science Theory
Gender Studies    

Writers & Performers

American Humor Writers Popular Culture Television Humor Twain (Mark)
Clowns and Comedians Radio Humor Theory Vonnegut (Kurt)
Film Shakespeare Tricksters Wilde (Oscar)

Cultural Traditions

African Humor Canadian Humor Italian Humor Polish Humor
African-American Humor French Humor Latin American Humor Russian Humor
Australian Humor German Humor Jewish Humor Scandinavian Humor
British Humor Irish Humor Native American Humor Spanish Humor


Creativity Education-Adult Humorous Errors Rhetoric
Coping with Stress Education-Child Laughter Testing and Evaluation
Disability/Special Needs Humor and Aging Medicine Therapy

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