1999 International Humor Conference/Conference of the International Society for Humor Studies

The 1999 International Humor Conference in Pictures

Session Snapshots, June 30 to July 3, 1999

Symposium: The Clinton Scandals: Humor Feast or Famine? (June 30, 1999)
Paul Lewis, Chair (Boston College)
Christie Davies (Univ. of Reading)
Lawrence Mintz (Univ. of Maryland)
John Morreall (Univ. of South Florida)
Alleen Nilsen (Arizona State Univ.)
Elliott Oring (Cal. State Univ., Los Angeles)
Victor Raskin (Purdue Univ.)


Three Breakout Presentations from July 1, 1999 (from Left to Right)
Annette Sanchez, Nashville State Tech, Teaching with Humor in the Multicultural Classroom

Jozsef Andor, Janus Patimonius University, Hungary
The Role of Types of Knowledge and Stereotypes in Understanding Jokes about Animals

Jacqueline S. Dowling, University of Massachusetts, Sense of Humor and Childhood Cancer


Right: Madan Kataria of Laughter Clubs International leads the July 1 Workshop,
Where East Meets West—Laughter Therapy

Left: Delegates try a Little Laughter Therapy


Three Breakout Presentations from July 2, 1999 (from Left to Right)
Yuki Ikeda, Mie Prefectural College of Nursing, Sense of Humor in Nurses

Elaine Safer, University of Delaware, Philip Roth's Painful Humor

Dacher Keltner, UC Berkeley, Forms and Functions of Teasing: A Face Threat Approach


Even More Breakout Presentations from July 2, 1999 (from Left to Right)
Christopher Leeds, University Nancy II (France)
Humour, Englishness, and Eccentricity, with Focus on the National Press, Notably "The Times"

Tamara Vaserstein, State College, PA, "Shame & Laughter in Vladimir Nabokov's "Destruction of Tyrants"
with Session Chair Amy Carrell, University of Central Oklahoma



Vladimir Kazanevsky from the Ukraine (right) exhibits his cartoon drawings
in a display entitled,
Without Words


Break Time, June 30 to July 3


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