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Introduce Yourself to SIG: Performing Humour
Thank you, Alexander for setting this introductory thread up!

Hello everyone,

Name: Craig Draheim

Field: Media Studies (Focus on Dramatic Writing) & Theatre Arts (Focus on Performance Studies)

Area/s of interest: Offensiveness, protest or propaganda humor, and the exploration of Autoethnographic/Practitioner Research methodologies.

Writer/performer of comedy (Yes/No, and which type): Yes, writer and performer

Introductory paragraph: My scholarly interest in humor is linked closely to its creation by examining the artform through a performance theory lens and incorporating methodologies that collect firsthand experiences from the field. My research has been based around establishing better forms of communication between different groups (comedic practitioners, audiences, academic communities, and media outlets) to move toward a more accessible understanding of the process and purpose of jokes. Within this research, I asked if live comedy needed "Research Comedians" (a placeholder term I used), which I defined as individuals that had a strong comprehension of both theory and comedic practice. 
On top of fifteen years of creating live/video/audio comedy throughout North America, I have an MFA in Screenwriting (with a concentration on comedy, horror, & experimental writing), an MA in Interpretation & Performance Studies, graduated from the Second City Conservatory, completed the improv/sketch programs with the Pack Theater, and I'm a member of National Lampoon's Lemmings.

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