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online symposium, April 4-5: Humour in the public sphere
Dear ISHS members,

I'm sharing the news of an exciting humour research event that will take place next week:

The Center for Sociological Research (CeSO) at KU Leuven is organizing a symposium on humor and conflict in the public sphere on April 4-5, 2024, coordinated by Giselinde Kuipers and Jonas Nicolai. A number of panel talks, exhibitions and documentary screenings will facilitate dialogue between academics, comedic professionals and broader audiences, and present the results of two humour projects, HuSca and CELSA. Two of the talks /roundtables will be broadcast live for ISHS members. Follow the links below and join us in Leuven:

April 4, Thursday, at 15:45 CET: A panel on cartoons and the depiction of social conflict

April 5, Friday, at 14:00 CET: A keynote by Alberto Godioli on Humour and free speech:

Best wishes and hope to see you there

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