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Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops


ISHS Members not only sponsor our annual conferences but also provide seminars on humor research and workshops on humor in the workplace, professional writing, health care, and stress management. This page provides information on upcoming humor-related conferences, seminars, and workshops as well as member websites that provide workshops for organizations and groups.

If you have a conference, seminar, or workshop that you would like to list here, contact the ISHS Executive Secretary at


Upcoming ISHS Conference


31st Annual Conference of  the International Society for Humor Studies Conference, June 24 to June 29, 2019, University of Texas at Austin. For more information, visit the Conference at or write to the Conference Organizer, Christian Hempelmann at


Upcoming Annual, Biennial, and Quadrennial Conferences

International Conference on Verbal Humor, October 23-25, 2019, University of Alicante, Spain. The GRIALE research group at the University of Alicante is pleased to announce the upcoming International Conference on Verbal Humor (CIVH). This conference is intended to bring together different approaches to humor, to share the latest linguistics research on humor, and to create new research bonds among the scholars. The Conference welcomes proposals for original papers, written either in Spanish or English. The humor research topics for presentation include, but are not limited to (a) gender and identity, (b) linguistic elements, (c) acquisition, (d) text genres, (e) pragmatice inference, (f) teaching and learning, (g) irony, (h) digitial discourse, and (i) translation. The deadline for proposal submissions is March 31, 2019. For more information, visit the Conference website at, or contact the Conference Convener at

Recent Annual and Biennial Conferences

Fifth International Gelological Congress, May 29-June 1, 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia. The fifth International Gelological Congress will focus on the communicative potential of humor and laughter, but also the communicative ambivalence of laughter as a phenomenon, building and destroying communication. The Congress will not only focus on interpersonal communication, but also on intercultural, transcultural, cross-cultural communication, sociology of laughter, the fear of laughter, tomfoolery, laughing aggression, communicative aspects, and social genesis of laughter. The Congress invites participants from sociology, social philosophy, psychology, sociolinguistics, folkloristics, literary criticism and others.  Interested participant should submit registration materials by October 1, 2018, and paper abstracts (up to 1000 words) by February 25, 2019.  For more information, contact the congress chair Sergei Troitckii at

Thirty-Second Annual Conference of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, April 4-9, 2019, Chicago, Illinois. The theme of the 32nd AATH Conference will be Too Soon: The Timing of Humor. Conference discounts are available to ISHS members. For more information, visit the AATH Conference page at

Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of The Association for the Study of Play, March 13-16, 2019, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. The 45th Annual Meeting of The Association for the Study of Play will be held from March 13 to March 16, 2019 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The 2019 TASP Conference will be held jointly with the International Play Association. The Call for Papers for the 2019 TASP Conference is open until December 5, 2018, and paper proposals can be submitted through the conference website, For more information, contact the conference organizer, Smita Mathur at

Twenty-Fifth AHSN Colloquium, February 6-8, 2019, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. The 25th Colloquium of the Australasian Humour Studies Network (AHSN) will be convened by Kerry Mullan, Craig Batty, and Sharon Andrews of RMIT University and Justine Sless of La Trobe University. The colloquium theme will be Humour in all its Forms: On Screen, On the Page, On Stage, On Air, Online. For general information, contact or visit the AHSN website at

Twelfth Annual Conference of the Lighthearted Philosophers' Society, October 12-13, 2018, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, California. The Lighthearted Phliosophers Society will hold its annual conference in Santa Barbara, California. The deadline for submissions is June 15 with acceptance notifications send by July 15. Details on how to register and submit papers for the conference can be found at For additional conference information, you can write to the conference organizers at

Eighteenth Annual Conference of the International Society for Luso-Hispanic Humor Studies, October 24-26, 2017, Universidad de Santiago, Chile. The International Society for Luso-Hispanic Humor Studies will hold its 18th Annual Conference on the campus of the University of Santiago in Chile. For more Conference and Society information, visit the ISLHHS page on Facebook at or the Conference organizers at

Seventh Texas Humor Research Conference, March 9-11, 2017, Dallas Center of Texas A & M University–Commerce, Texas, USA. The 7th Texas Humor Research Conference invited submissions for an international multidisciplinary three day conference in Dallas, Texas. The conference included an opening session and reception, paper sessions, panels, posters, and workshops. Paper submissions were sent to For more information, contact the Conference Organizers, Christian Hempelmann at or Elisa Gironzetti at, or visit the Conference website. ISHS Endorsed Conference.

Third Taboo Conference, September 20-21, 2016, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. The theme of the 3rd Taboo Conference was Taboo Humour: Language, Culture, Society, and the Media. For information, visit the Conference webpage at

Fourth LAFAL Symposium, University of Lódz, Poland, March 17-18, 2016, The theme of the fourth LAFAL symposium was “Theoretical Issues in Humour: Building Bridges across Disciplines.” The symposium provided a forum for linguists who are interested in concepts and language issues of relevance to humor research. Plenary Speakers were Alexander Brock, Raymond Gibbs, James Mahon, Limor Shifman, and Francisco Yus.


Seminars, Symposia, and Workshops

Upcoming Seminars, Workshops, and Symposia

Nineteenth International Summer School & Symposium on Humour and Laughter, July 1 to July 6, 2019, Bonn, Germany. The International Summer Schools are intended for students and established investigators, planning research projects on humor, an opportunity to develop a strong foundation on the existing theoretical and methodological issues related to the scientific study of humor. For more information on the 2019 Summer School, contact Willibald Ruch at For additional information on previous International Summer Schools, visit the Summer School homepage. ISHS Endorsed Symposium.

Humour and Satire in British Romanticism Conference, September 13-14, 2019, University of Durham, UK. The Humour and Satire in British Romanticism Conference will explore how Romantic writers navigated the various and often contradictory conceptualizations of humour. Conference topics will include: (1) humour in translation and across cultures, (2) the politics of humour, (3) gender and humor, (4) romantic readings from classical satire, (5) puns and linguistic ambiguity, and (6) scientific understandings of laughter and humor.  For more information, write to Daniel Norman, the conference organizer at

Recent Seminars, Workshops, and Symposia

Humor in the Beginning: Cultural Interaction of Laughter and the Comic in the First Phase of Asian Religions, Christianity, and Islam, Soeterbeek Conference Centre, Ravenstein, The Netherlands, March 14-17, 2019. Humor in the Beginning invites invites scholars from different fields and academic traditions to return to the origins of Asian religions, Christianity, and Islam and investigate the complex relationship between religion and humor and laughter. For this conference, scholars are challenged to investigate the topic of religion and humor within the specific historical contexts that their sources provide. Sources include but are not restricted to (literary) prose texts, poetry and visual materials. It is the wish of the organizers to stimulate fruitful comparisons between the work of scholars from the humanities and colleagues from fields such as sociology and gelotology. Abstracts of 250 words for one of the sessions of the conference can be submitted up until October 13, 2018 to the conference organizer, Roald Dijkstra at


Workshop and Resource Providers

The following is a list of websites that belong to ISHS members who offer workshops for businesses, organizations, and groups. We provide these listings solely as a service to our members. A listing here does not imply ISHS endorsement or sponsorship.

Allen Klein—Humor for Workplace Wellness - Offers keynotes, breakout sessions, nad workshops on how to use
humor to deal with changes, challenges, and not-so-funny stuff in the workplace and in life. (Founder: Allen Klein).

The Humor ProjectOrganization devoted to helping people tap the positive power of humor and creativity (Founder: Joel Goodman).

HumorRx – Provider of  professional seminars, books, articles, and other products related to humor and health (Founder: Karyn Buxman).

HumorWorks – Provider of professional seminars that explore the benefits of humor in the workplace (Founder: John Morreall).

Jest for the Health of ItProvider of humor and health resources and workshops (Founder: Patty Wooten).

L.A.U.G.H.S. – Provider of seminars to help people develop their humor and laughter skills to reduce stress and promote physical well-being.  (Founder: Dorothea Keeling). 

Laughter RemedyProvider of humor and health resources and workshops (Founder: Paul McGhee).

Laughter Works — Provider of keynotes, in-services, professional development trainings, employee appreciation events, and retreats (Founders: Kay Caskey and Laurie Young).

Stand Up For Mental Health — Provider of stand-up comedy courses for people with mental illness as a way of building self-esteem (Founder: David Granirer).

Steve Kaplan's Comedy Intensive — Provider of professional seminars and workshops for screenwriters, directors and actors exploring comic performance theory and techniques.