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ISHS Members and other scholars have several books in print, including volumes in the Humor Research Series, published by Mouton DeGruyter. This books page provides links to our members' publications, along with ordering information, and to the Society's Newsletter Archive.

Linguistic Theories of Humor (1994)

Author: Salvatore Attardo

Techniques of Satire (1994)
Author: Emil A. Draitser

The Sense of Humor (1998/2007)
Editor: Willibald Ruch

Jokes and their Relation to Society (1998)
Author: Christie Davies

The Basic Humor Process (1999)
Author: Robert L. Latta

Humorous Texts (2001)
Author: Salvatore Attardo

Good Humor, Bad Taste (2006)
Author: Giselinde Kuipers

We are Not Amused: Failed Humor in Interaction (2015)
Author: Nancy Bell

The Primer of Humor Research (2008)
Editor: Victor Raskin

Humorous Discourse (2017)
Editors: Wladyslaw Chlopicki & Dorota Brzozowska

The Language of Comic Narratives (2008)
Author: Isabel Ermida

Humor and Horror (2022)
Author: Lena Straßburger

The Age of Irreverence: A New History of Laughter in China
Christopher Rea
University of California Press

Beyond a Joke

Beyond a Joke: The Limits of Humour
Sharon Lockyer & Michael Pickering (Eds.)
Palgrave McMillian

Cognitive Linguistics

Cognitive Linguistics and Humor Research
Geert Brȏne, Kurt Feyaerts, & Tony Veale

Comic Relief

Comic Relief
John Morreall

The Comprehension of Jokes

The Comprehension of Jokes
Graeme Ritchie

Cracking Up: American Humor in Time of Conflict
Paul Lewis
Univ. of Chicago Press

Encyclopedia of Humor Studies
Salvatore Attardo (Ed.)

American Humor

Encyclopedia of 20th-Century American Humor
Alleen Pace Nilsen
& Don L. F. Nilsen
Greenwood Press

Engaging Humor

Engaging Humor
Elliott Oring
Univ. of Illinois Press


Jessica Milner Davis


Ha!: The Science of When We Laugh and Why
Scott Weems
Hachette Book Group

How about Never

How about Never is Never Good for You? My Life in Cartoons
Bob Mankoff
McMillian Picador

The Humor Code

The Humor Code
Peter McGraw & Joel Warner
Simon & Schuster


Humor in the Classroom
Nancy Bell & Anne Pomerantz

Humor in Interaction

Humor in Interaction
Neal R. Norrick & Delia Chiaro (Editors)
John Benjamins
50% discount available to ISHS members.

McGhee Health

Humor: The Lighter Path to Resilience and Health
Paul E. McGhee

Humor 2.0

Humor 2.0: How the Internet Changed Humor
Salvatore Attardo
Anthem Press

The Importance of Not Being Earnest

Importance of Not Being Earnest
Wallace Chafe
John Benjamins
50% hardcover discount for ISHS members.

Jokes and their Targets

Jokes and Targets
Christie Davies
Indiana Univ. Press
30% discount available to ISHS members.

Joking Asides

Joking Asides
Elliott Oring
Utah State Univ. Press

Kids who Laugh

Kids who Laugh
Louis Franzini
Square One


Kvetching and Shpritzing:
Jewish Humor in American Culture

Joe Dorinson
McFarland Books

Lowering the Bar Cover

Lowering the Bar: Lawyer Jokes and Legal Culture
Marc Galanter
Univ. of Wisconsin Press
30% discount available to ISHS members.

Mirror of Laughter

The Mirror of Laughter
Alexander Kozintsev
25% discount available to ISHS members.

The Mirth of Nations

The Mirth of Nations
Christie Davies

book cover image

Mocking the Age: The Later Novels of Philip Roth
Elaine B. Safer
SUNY Press

The Power of Laughter

The Power of Laughter
Eric Weitz
Carysfort Press


Practically Joking
Moira Marsh
Utah State Univ. Press

The Psychology of Humor

The Psychology of Humor
Rod A. Martin & Thomas Ford
Academic Press/Elsevier

Understanding Humor in Japan

Understanding Humor in Japan
Jessica Milner Davis (Ed.)
Wayne State Univ. Press

Satire, Humor, and Evironmental Crisis

Satire, Humor, and Environmental Crisis
Massih Zekavat & Tabea Shpeel

Writing Humor

Writing Humor: Creativity and the Comic Mind
Mary Ann Rishel
Wayne State Univ. Press

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